We're not AI

We don’t farm out services.

We ARE a hyper-creative, strategic, talented team that drives projects to success…
and we genuinely care.

Jeffrey Levine

Executive Producer

Jeffrey handles all aspects of production and development of Morph Media’s current slate of commercial, television and film projects. Jeff has 15+ years of experience of creating, developing, directing, writing and producing content.

Marielle Zuccarelli

Global Distribution

Marielle handles worldwide distribution of all projects. Zuccarelli previously served as Managing Director of A + E International, COO at Emmy Award-winning Production and Distribution company GRB Entertainment and VP of Global at Sonar Entertainment.

Jose Pablo Cantillo


Joe is an Executive Producer of Tech Toys Kids and a talented actor (Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Chappie, Mayor of Kingstown, Disturbia, Cop Shop etc). He co-created the hit series Repo Games for SpikeTV and was a Producer on the award-winning film ‘When Hope Grows.’

Irati Santiago


Irati is a talented music video, film and television producer. She has worked with artists such as Steve Aoki, Paris Hilton, will.i.am, Sting, and produced various award winning short films and television series including Tech Toys and POE.

Julia Bergdoll

Editor + Producer

Julia is a creative out of the box media thinker who doubles as an editor. Passionate about great storytelling, characters, and filmmaking, she unleashes her creative talent on every edit she takes on from commercials to TV to film.

Jasmine Alkire

Production Coordinator

A jasmine of all trades, she is an instrumental part of every production. Her upbeat energy and troubleshooting skills make her a key part of every production. She is passionate about all media and has a flare for the dramatic, films that is.


Social Media Coordinator

Leah continues to elevate her craft as a media specialist, understanding its impact and influence. Living in Paris and New York gives her a multicultural perspective on media, its function, and how it relates to and affects our everyday lives.

Torquil Macneal

International Sales

Torquil has been distributing content for over 15 years. He has placed thousands of hours of content across Asia and works with every streamer and broadcaster ensuring the best home for any type of media.


Inspirational Leader

Lexington is our watchful warrior who ensures a positive energy environment so that we can create standout media- passionate + focused.


Inspirational Leader

4 paw actor, people lover, and assistant editor, Gracie inspires all creative at Morph. She makes the rounds daily, and ensures that the team is at the top of their game.

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